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Through Asbestos Watch Townsville, you can find trusted contractors to solve your asbestos-related problems. Our endorsed experts offer high-quality services including asbestos removal and testing, roof removal, fencing, management plans and other related services. They hold A-Class certification and are able to deliver quality services from a residential to a commercial level.

Asbestos Removal: How to Renovate a Garage with Asbestos

Do you plan to renovate your garage lately? Do you have any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) in your garage? If you do, you better be prepared to follow certain safety procedures before the renovation kicks off.

Briefly, there are four things you must consider when you’re about to start renovating your garage, which are:

  1. Get a permit
  2. Inspecting the presence of ACMs there
  3. Removing all ACM products
  4. Preparing a safe disposal procedure

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Asbestos Removal, Testing, and Checking

Applying for Approval

The first thing to do before starting a renovation project is getting an approval from your local city council. You can start by talking to your neighbors about your plans, then, you need to get an approval from your local council. Especially, if you’re planning to do a major renovation work.

All process of renovation that involves asbestos removal and testing along with the disposal work in large scales needs the local council permission. – Townsville city council

But, how if you’re only working for a partial or a minor renovation? Do you still have to get an approval?

Renovating a certain part of your building, like a garage, is considered as a minor process. Thus, you don’t need any permit from your local city council. However, you still need to get professional contractors to handle all of the asbestos-related jobs. Any asbestos removal and testing work including removing cladding, roof, or fence from a building can be dangerous. There is a high risk of fibre exposures if you don’t handle fibrous products according to current guidelines and safety procedures. This is why you need help from experts!

Always keep in mind that garage demolition is considered as a major renovation. Thus, a formal approval from a council or a private certifier is needed. The application can be made depends on the scope of your work in any of these following ways:

  • Complying Development Certificate
  • Demolition Application
  • Development Application

Find Out Any Presence of ACMs

Most garages built before the 1980s contain ACM products. You can find them in your garage as roofs, claddings, or fences products. Therefore, if you have any plans in doing a renovation, it is safe to assume that you have ACM products in your garage. Why? Because you can’t see fibrous substances just by looking at them.

The only feasible way to know the existence of ACMs is to check them with a proper testing and sampling procedure. These jobs should be handled by a qualified assessor in laboratories that are certified by NATA. Also keep in mind that performing sampling with DIY kits can be dangerous to you and the people around you. So, find yourself a professional contractor and have a consultation right away.

External resources:

  1. Townsville city council –
  2. Queensland Government –

Removing ACMs by Removalists

After going through the testing and sampling procedure, then you can proceed to the asbestos removal process. Both asbestos removal and testing are dangerous to be handled yourself. These processes are complicated because you can’t cut, drill, drop, scrub, and not even break ACMs during the project. Moreover, you need protective gear while you’re making contact with the hazardous substances. Thus, get yourself a professional contractor to handle an asbestos removal work.

How to Do a Safe Fibrous Materials Disposal

The most important reason why you need experts to handle all of your ACM-related problems is that in the end, you need to properly dispose of fibre products according to the laws. Yes, the Government of Australia takes fibre issues seriously. You are not even allowed to simply put it in your own garbage can. An illegal disposal of hazardous substances can lead to criminal charges and penalty.

You can’t carelessly dump hazardous materials in open spaces even though the places are empty. All disposal process has to follow current guidelines and regulations. The materials must be wrapped and labeled safely, and you have to make sure that the fibrous substances don’t leak out. Don’t get overwhelmed too soon! Get some experts help to ensure a safe disposal process.

Get a Professional Contractor in No Time

Don’t hesitate to connect with us! We save your time by getting the right contractor to deal with your ACM problems efficiently.

When you need an asbestos removal in Townsville, testing or creating a management file, just connect with us, it’s free to discuss your problems.

Our members offer 100% Free Quotes

Our professional contractors strive to give you the best solution for your fibre-related problems in the most secure manner. Here is the list of services provided by our experts:

  1. Asbestos removal Townsville– Removing all kinds of friable and non-friable fibrous materials within your building safely.
  2. Asbestos testing Townsville– Checking, sampling and testing ACM products in your building by a certified assessor.
  3. Asbestos roof removal Townsville– A thorough inspection, removal and replacement of old roofing materials.
  4. Management plan Townsville– Creating an extensive management control plan to clean and reduce the risk of ACM exposures.
  5. Air monitoring – Air monitoring before, during, and after the fibre removal process.
  6. Demolition Survey – Giving a brief report of the condition and type of ACMs in your property before executing demolition projects.
  7. Soil remediation – Investigate contaminated soil efficiently.
  8. Emergency Repair – Taking care of all products containing fibrous materials including roofing, fencing, and flooring materials based on the basis of urgency.

Be smart, be safe! Get up to 100% free quotes from our endorsed removalists today.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

You will highly likely to find it, if your house was built before the 1980s. Asbestos can usually be found in many products such as old floor tiles, ceiling tiles, roof shingles, and insulation. You can also find small fibers in joint compound used on seams between sheet-rocks, or under the old carpet.

Asbestos is dangerous when it becomes inhaled and lodged in the lungs. For example, blown ceilings containing small particles of asbestos may release fibers when they are drilled. These fibres may lodge in the lung tissue for years and cause respiration diseases in the future.

Your chance of getting asbestos-related diseases is relatively high compared to those who are not working closely with asbestos. We advise you to contact your GP and ask for her advice. Also, stop smoking since it can increase the susceptibility to asbestos-related diseases.

The inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious respiration diseases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. The risks of getting these diseases increase if you live or work around disturbed asbestos where small particles can be easily released into the air.

Yes, you should if your property was built before the 1990s. It's because houses built before the 1900s mostly used asbestos products. Contact a professional to help you be certain whether asbestos products are present or not on your garage.

You can find a certified and reliable contractor in Asbestos Watch Townsville. Asbestos Watch Townsville endorses experienced contractors who provide excellent asbestos-related services. Our certified contractors deliver high-quality and affordable services in Townsville.

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