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How Safe is Your Property?

Our expert members will develop a sound asbestos Management Plan Townsville program for you. They will carry out the work in compliance with national, state and local regulations. Our approved contractors are highly skilled and hold Class-A license. Trust your Asbestos management plan Tonwsville work to our contractors.

Fibrous products are often used in building materials, between the 1940s and the 1980s. So, if you live in a property that was built before 1990s, you have to be cautious since most likely, your property contains fibrous materials.

vinly flooring - Management Plan of asbestos in Townsville

Asbestos-containing material (ACM) has widely used in home building materials such as:

  • Wall sheeting
  • Floor sheeting
  • Fencing
  • Pipes
  • Roofing
  • Eaves
  • Hot water systems

These products are categorized as non-friable fibers because the exposed surface are usually sealed and covered in paint.

It is reported that one third of all homes built in Australia contain fibrous materials.  That makes Australia has a serious problem with ACMs. The government keeps raising citizen awareness towards the dangers of ACMs. Since most of the properties in Queensland that were built before the 1990s contain fibrous materials.

ACMs are commonly used in home construction materials due to its strength, flexibility, insulation from heat and electricity and affordability.

The Australian government has taken acts to warn the citizen about fibrout products. Warning stickers have been installed in commercial housing properties built before the 1990s. This effort aims to alert the building occupant about the possible presence of ACMs. The stickers usually put inside an electrical meter box and also next to a smoke alarm.

Though the bonded fibre does not pose risks to our health, but it can become dangerous as time goes by. When the top layer of the non-friable material is disturbed or broken, the microscopic fibers can become airborne. Inhaling airborne fibres continously into the lungs may risk your health as it may trigger the progression of deadly diseases such as lung cancers.

If you suspect that your building is contaminated by ACMs, contact our endorsed contractors right away.

Referring to the safety codes, only workers who have been through trainings and obtain a certification can perform ACM related jobs. Doing an unsafe asbestos removal can also contaminates the ground around your home. Do not risks your health and your surrounding environment. Trust the works only to our Class-A licensed contractors for the best services, at value prices.

Do you need an Asbestos Management Plan for Your Property?

It is stated in The Queensland Workplace Code of Practice (2011) that every workplace in Queensland must have an asbestos management program (AMP). An AMP will alert people around the property to the possible presence of fibrous products and also helps people with the management and control of a building. It aims to prevent exposures to airborne fibers by the staffs and area visitors.

Recording the presence of fibrous products are the responsibility of people who manage or control a workplace.

An asbestos register will record all ACMs presence within a building and the materials must also be labeled. The location where an ACM is present must be informed to everyone on the premises. The building occupants must also be informed about the consequences and risks of exposure and other proper control measures.

You can find a complete Codes of Practices in Queensland area by clicking the link:

The control plan must set clear aims, stating:

  • What is going to be done?
  • When it is going to be done?
  • How the control plan is going to be done?

Moreover, The QLD government regulations stated that the plan must include:

  1. An ACM register of the workplace, which always has to be updated as long as the information stated are valid.
  2. A maintenance plan which covers who will perform the work, when it id going to bedone, the extent of the work and include a certification of clearance.
  3. Informing people about the presence of fibrous products in the workplace, exposure risks and also the implemented control measures.
  4. Show decisions about management options and elaborates why the decision was taken.
  5. A timetable of action which mention priorities and dates for reviewing risk assessments.
  6. A monitoring program.
  7. Awarness training program for workers and contractors (Also, the training schedule).
  8. Providing information of safe work methods.

The AMP must be written orderly to identify fibrous materials and naturally-occurring ACMs at a workplace. The plan must be accessible to workers and visitors at the premise. The AMP must be reviewed and updated at least once every five years. But, if certain cases happen, the plan must be renewed immediately.

Example of cases:

  1. When fibrous materials are removed, damaged, sealed or enclosed.
  2. When the plan is no longer sufficient for managing ACMs at the workplace or building.
  3. When the control measures or the register is reviewed.
  4. When there is a request from the health and safety representative for a review in a specific situation.

If you own a property in the Queensland area and need to make a proper AMP, call us right away.

Our endorsed contractors will prepare and develop a proper AMP for your property.

Asbestos Management Plan Townsville 

The Right Contractor for Your Asbestos Management Plan Townsville Needs

Handling fibrous products requires you to follow certain protocols, which make the jobs a complicated procedure. The Queensland government highly recommends that asbestos related works must only be performed by workers who hold a license and have gone through trainings.

Our endorsed contractors are the right choice for all of your asbestos management plan townsville needs. They are highly skilled, trained and have extensive experiences in handling ACMs in any property setting. We believe in our contractors’ skills. They strive to deliver high quality services that meet clients’ needs and expectation- at value costs.

Asbestos Watch Townsville will connect you with trusted contractors for your asbestos management plan Townsville needs.

Our endorsed assessors will do an inspection in your building in order to prepare and develop a sound AMP for your. They will check and inspect the workplace thoroughly to come up with the best management program. All ACMs will be recorded and labeled in an asbestos register. If required, our approved members can do asbestos testing job to identify the asbestos presence within the workplace.

Our approved contractors are equipped with standardized kits and will do sampling in the safest manner. They will keep the area clean and safe at all times. The samples will be analyzed in an accredited laboratory.  If there is a damaged material that needs to be removed immediately, our licensed removalists can do the job safely.

The removed suspected materials will be put in sealable plastic bags and disposed of properly. The disposal process will be done in a legal facility, which is approved by Townsville city council. Once the process is completed, you will receive the final report.

Trust your AMP projects to our endorsed contractors. Contact our approved contractors now and get the best service for your ACM management plan Townsville.