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Detecting Asbestos Materials in Your Property

The Queensland legislation clearly stated that Asbestos removal Townsville should be performed by a person who has a proper license. If you believe or suspect that your property contain fibrous products, give our members a call.

In Australia, asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were widely used in residential, commercial and industrial properties between the 1940s until the late 1980s. ACMs fall into two broad categories, namely friable and non-friable. Fibrous materials were widely used because they were durable, fire resistant and had good insulation properties. Friable materials pose a greater risk to health, while non-friable materials are often not dangerous as long as they remain untouched.

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Friable materials can contain a high percentage of fibres and release them into the air when disturbed. Friable ACMs were usually used as:

  • fire retardants,
  • sound proofing,
  • insulation,
  • lining material on old domestic heaters,
  • stoves
  • hot water systems,
  • the backing of sheet vinyl
  • linoleum floor coverings
  • pipe insulation.

Before the health risks were known, ACM products were widely used in Australia properties.

Ideally, friable materials should be removed immediately by a professional removalist who holds a certification or a license to conduct fibre-related works. Even though since 31 December 2003, Australia has been totally banned the manufacture and use of fibrous products. Most properties in Australia which were built before the 1990s, most likely will still contain ACMs.

If you believe that your building contains asbestos, contact our endorsed contractors right away!

Through Asbestos Watch Townsville, get professional help to perform asbestos removal Townsvile jobs. We aim to connect you with A-class licensed contractors who offer quality services at value costs. Save your time; trust your asbestos jobs to our approved members.

Our specialists hold a Class-A license, had fulfilled training requirements, are highly skilled and have extensive experiences in doing asbestos-related works in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Rest assured you will get high quality services at competitive prices. Our membersa are committed to deliver the best services and meet the clients’ needs.

Your safety and satisfaction are our members’ top priorities. Do not hesitate! Contact us right now and get your free quotes!

What are the health effects from fibre exposures?

Inhaling asbestos fibres may trigger the progression of aggressive diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer. However, current scientific and medical evidence supports the fact that simply living or working in a building containing fibrous products are not dangerous as long as the fibrous products remain undamaged. The ACM is only a risk to health when the fibres become airborne and breathed into the lungs.

Despite of the fact that it may not be harmful or threatening your health, it is better to eliminate fibrous materials from your properties. ACMs have been linked to three asbestos related diseases:

  • asbestosis,
  • mesothelioma,
  • and lung cancer.

All fibrous-related diseases can be fatal since there are no cures for these diseases until now.

It takes time to develop these diseases. The first symptom usually emerges at least 10 years after an initial exposure. Sometimes, it takes as long as 50 years after an initial exposure. The Australian government has already provided information about asbestos for Australian citizen to raise their awareness about this carcinogenic material.

More about health risk from fibre exposure on:

Handling fibrous materials safely

Handling ACM products can be complicated. The Queensland state has strict laws and prohibits the use of certain kits and work methods to handle ACMs. As improper kits and methods can cause the generation of airborne fibres. There are activities that you must never do when removing fibres, such as:

  1. Do not use power tools such as angle grinders, circular saws and electrical sanders. You can use these tools if you enclosed or used them with a device or a process that prevents the dust generation.
  2. Strictly avoid to use high pressure water cleaner, especially on fibrous cement roofs (roof asbestos removal read here), fences, walls. It may destroy the surface of the fibrous materials, spreading the hazardous materials further, and putting your health and your neighbors’ health at risks.
  3. Avoid using a compressed air tools.
  4. Use only a special cleaner to handle ACMs works.
  5. Using high pressure water blasters on ACMs can make homeowners be fined up to $10,000. Clean-up cost may also be borne by the homeowners.

Read more about prohibited activities towards ACMs on:

The QLD state –

There are certain rules and regulations on handling fibrous materials such as wearing protective equipment, using appropriate tools and employing safe work methods. Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn by workers who perform the ACM removal jobs. The PPE is mandatory to protect the workers from fibre exposures.

When dealing with ACMs, you may need:

  • A P2 disposal mask or a half-face respirator
  • Disposable coveralls suitable for the task
  • Face and hand wipes
  • Boot covers or gumboots.

A proper respirator is needed as the ordinary dust mask will not effectively prevent the inhalation of dust.  The respirator should comply with the Australian Standard AS1716. To prevent furthr contamination from your clothing, you must wear a disposable clothing. Please note that the clothing used during any asbestos removal works can not be re-used.

After completed the jobs, spray the disposable cloths with a light mist of water and then removed them. All of the equipment that were used while removing fibres should be put in sealed bags and be disposed of properly. Take a shower immediately after finishing your asbestos removal works, to eliminate any dust and fibre remaining on your body.

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Call our Professional Contractors and protect your health

Our Class-A contractors are always ready to help you.

They will come to your place to check and do a thorough inspection within your building. Our members will later do a sampling/ testing process before conducting any ACM removal work. They will provide an ACM register and a removal control plan for you to alert people around the area about the presence of fibrous products.

Our endorsed contractors will also prepare a work plan to make sure that your asbestos removal Townsville project will be finished on-time. Our approved assessors will supervise the work to ensure that the removal jobs are carried out safely, cleanly and in accordance with the current legislation and laws.

Once the work is finished, the hazardous waste will be transported and disposed of in a legal facility that is approved by the Townsville city council. You will receive a final written report after all the procedures have been completed.

Get reliable asbestos removal Townsville services by contacting our Class-A licensed contractors at value cost. What are you waiting for? Your ACMs solution is only one call away!