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"Asbestos Watch Endorsed Contractors for a secure asbestos roof removal in Townsville"

Removing Roof Asbestos in Townsville

Asbestos watch Townsville connects you with Class-A licensed contractors who have been thoroughly selected to ascertain their ability in doing asbestos roof removal Townsville jobs. Our approved contractors have gone through trainings to deliver the best services with satisfactory result.

Are your roofs free from hazardous materials?

A roof is one of the most fundamental parts of a house that protects you and your family from cold, heat and extreme weather. Having the best ceiling might be essentials for your property. As roofs are important for your property, knowing your roofs materials are also important.

roof asbestos Townsville

Unsafe roof sheeting materials can be hazardous for your health. If you live in Australia and owns a building built before the 1990s, you have to take pre-cautions because most likely it will contain asbestos products.

Asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are widely used in a residential and commercial building and can be found in products such as wall sheeting, vinyl sheet flooring, fencing, roof sheeting, and eaves products.

Your old roofs can be contaminated by ACMs and thus risk your health. Non-friable materials are not dangerous as long as they keep undamaged. But as time goes by, the top layer of the roofing sheets may break down and generate fibres. Asbestos fibres are dangerous especially if they were breathed-in. Deadly diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancers are caused by this material.

If you belive that your ceiling contains asbestos materials, get in touch with us immediately.

Our approved members will remove dangerous roofing materials in your building and take extensive ACM testing procedures in your property. Asbestos roof removal Townsville is a complicated jobs. There is a protocol that must be followed to minimize the risks.

Though you can check the ACMs by doing DIY, but the fibre removal process should be done only by a certified worker. Only a removalist who have gone through trainings and have a certification can perform fibre extraction works.

Standardized kits and equipment must be used to remove fibres. Our expert removalists will conduct a thorough process and based on control plan to ensure the jobs are done according to safety standard, national and local regulations.

Our endorsed contractors will do a detail inspection, perform sampling collection and test the suspected materials in an accredited laboratory. Once the analysis process is done, they will hand you the written report while providing you the solutions for your roofing problems.

Contact one or more our endorsed contractors to get a safe and clean roof removal project at value cost!

Handling your contaminated ceiling safely

Not just anyone can do asbestos roof elimination works. Only a licensed removalist can perform work safely. Our endorsed members are highly skilled and experienced in doing ACM-related jobs.

They will do the steps below when conducting asbestos roof removal works.

1. Inspect your roof

Our endorsed assessors will do a thorough inspection of your building and ensure all the works will be done in accordance with the national and local legislation. Our experts will create a register to  list all present ACM within your property and then develop a control plan.

In the register, they will mark what contains or might contain fibrous materials along with their condition. Sampling collection and ACM testing jobs will be conducted before providing options to resolve the fibre roofing issues.

Read more about fibrous materials inspection on:

2. Eliminating the fibrous roofs

Once the testing result came out, our approved experts will proceed to the next step. If your roof contains ACMs, then the demolition process is needed to be done. Our contractors will conduct an encapsulation process before doing the actual removal work to prevent health hazards upon removal. The damaged materials will be coated with a special adhesive.

The processes of removing fibrous ceiling are:

  • Sealing the contaminated areas with plastic sheets.
  • Spraying a mixture of liquid soap and water to wet down the suspected products.
  • Sealing off the removal area.
  • Ensuring that the removed fibrous roofs remain wet,
  • Putting the discarded materials in sealed plastic bags or containers.
  • Sealing the used gloves, protective clothing, boots and all tools in plastic bags or container before disposing them properly.
  • Replacing the old roof with a new material of client’s choice.

3. Transportation and disposal process

When conducting an asbestos removal work, the licensed removalist must ensure that the ACM waste is contained and labelled before the waste is removed from the area. It must be disposed of, as soon as, it is practicable at a legal site. The disposal of hazardous wate is controlled by the Environment Protection Authority Queensland (EPA).

Trust your roof removal Townsville job to our Class-A licensed contractors.

Our approved contractors will dispose of the waste safely at a site authorized to accept the waste. The transportation and disposal procedures will be carried out in accordance with the national and local laws. After the process is completed, our endorsed members will give the final written report to the client.

roof asbestos removal Townsville

Hiring the right contractor

It’s stated by the law that several things need to be considered when carrying out an ACM roof elimination Townsville project.

  1. Fibrous elimination and clearance should be performed by a Class-A licensed worker.
  2. There must be an assessor to carry out air monitoring and clearance inspections following the removal of friable ACMs.
  3. Person undertaking fibrous demolition process is required to be appropriately trained and holds a license.

If you are planning to remove fibrous roofing from your property, give us a call today! We provide you Class-A licensed contractors for your residential, commercial or industrial properties in the Townsville region. They are highly-skilled and have extensive experience, which allow them do the job safely and efficiently.

Our endorsed contractors are committed to deliver exceptional roof removal Townsville services that meet your requirements – at value costs.

Our experts contractors will remove dangerous roofing materials in your building and they will take extensive asbestos testing processes in your property before conducting any asbestos roof removal Townsville job. The solution for your roofing problems is only a call away.

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