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Our endorsed removalists will come to your house and do the asbestos testing Townsville works. They will do a thorough inspection in your building and do sampling collection. A certain protocol is going to be followed to maximize your safety.

Asbestos is a great concern in Australia since it was one of the highest users of this hazardous material per capita in the world, up until the middle 1980s. It is reported that one-third of all homes built in Australia contain fibre products. This is why you need to keep your awareness towards this issue.

Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were commonly used in producst to provide fireproofing and insulation properties. They were also used in other construction materials due to their strength, flexibility, resistant from heat and electricity, chemical inertness and affordability.

Check the asbestos testing in Townsville

ACMs were widely used not only in residential buildings but also in commercial properties, between 1920 and 1989. Fibrous materials were heavily used in houses. There are many areas in the home where the ACMs can be found including:

  • roof sheeting (roof asbestos removal here),
  • guttering,
  • eaves,
  • wall sheeting,
  • vinyl sheet flooring,
  • flexible building boards,
  • fencing, carports,
  • and concrete formwork.

But  then, this material was found to pose a serious health risk when its fibres become loose and airborne. Breathing airborne fibres can causes the scarring of the lungs tissue, and even worse, it can causes lung cancers. After 1989, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established regulations related to ACMs.

You can check for signs of ACMs on your own, but the testing process should be done only by a licensed worker using special kits.

Fibrous products can not be detected just by merely looking at them. Try to look for warning signs of older materials that were worned out or damaged. ACMs can be divided into two types which are friable and non-friable fibers. Both of them pose a significant health risk to all workers and others if the products are not properly maintained or removed safely.

Potential health risks are evident where:

  • ACMs are presence
  • They’re weathered or damage
  • A maintenance or a demolition project involving fibrous materials is conducted.

If you suspect the presence of fibrous products, hire our endorsed contractors to test or remove the fibrous products to ensure the safety of your building occupants.

The risk of exposure is broad and has the potential to impact the entire Australian community. It is better to do asbestos testing before conducting any asbestos removal work. Trust your asbestos testing Townsville jobs only to professional workers who hold a certification or license in doing ACM-related jobs.

Our members are highly skilled and have extensive experiences in handling ACM jobs. We take pride in our members’ abilities. They strive to deliver high quality works at value cost. Clients’ safety and satisfaction will be the top priority for our endorsed members.

Give them a call! Our contractors will always ready to help you with your asbestos testing Townsville needs .

More about friable materials by accesing this government page:

How to Recognize Asbestos in Your Properties

There are three steps that you can do in dealing with fibrous products:

  • First, checking the signs of asbestos.
  • Second, having the suspected area tested.
  • And last, dealing or handling with fibres removal process.

You can do a DIY attempt for the first step, but for the next steps, you will need to hire professional licensed workers.

What can you do to check for ACMs in your building:

  1. First, you can determine when your home was built. As we already know, ACMs were widely used between 1920 and 1989. So, properties which were built before the 1990s, most likely will contain materials containing fibres. Fibrous materials are commonly can be found in walls, flooring, pipes, textured paints, insulation, fireproofing materials, pipes, electric wiring and chalkboard.
  2. Second, find if there are signs of disturbed ACMs. Although it is impossible to tell whether an item contains fibres just by looking at it, but you can look for signs of older materials that have become worn out or damaged. You can check disintegrating pipes, insulation, walls, tiles, vinyl flooring, stovetop pads and any older products. You can search for cracks, dusty areas and spots where the material seems to be in the process of breaking down and falling apart.
  3. Third, decide if the area needs to get tested or not. If you do not see any sign of degrading products, then you might not need to get the area tested. But, if you do see signs of degrading materials or if you want to ensure your safety, then you should choose to get the area tested by a certified professional to handle the fibres safely.

asbestos testing and sampling in Townsville

If you are certain that your home contains friable materials, it is the best to remove them right away. Get connected with Asbestos Watch Townsville, contact our endorsed contractors immediately to get quality asbestos testing Townsville services! Our approved contractors have been trained and hold an A-class license to safely handle fibrous products. Our endorsed members understand the whole asbestos testing procedures.

Our approved removalists, who perform the testing  works, will put on protective clothing and gears, including protective gloves, boots and clothes which will be disposed of after collecting the samples.

Asbestos testing works should only be conducted by workers who have gone through trainings and know how to deal with the ACMs without harming the building occupants’ health.

These following testing processes will be followed by our experts:

  • Lay out the plastic sheeting below the sampling area to keep it clean and also secured it with a tape
  • The tested area will be sprayed with water continously to prevent fibre exposures into the air
  • Samples are going to be taken from the suspected material
  • The sample will be put in sealable bags and sent to a lab for testing
  • After the sample is taken, the area is going to be patched with plastic sheets or a tape
  • The protective clothing and equipment, that might be contaminated by the material, will be placed in sealed bags
  • The disposal process will be done safely and efficiently

The sample is going to be sent to an analysis lab accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). Once the analysis is done, our approved members will hand you the written report. If the result is positive, then you need to remove the ACM from your property immediately.

Our endorsed contractors will discuss the finding with you and come up with a plan to remove the fibrous product safely. They will put all the information they obtained in a register. Our approved assessors will also supervise the works to ensure that the jobs are done in compliance with national and local regulations.

Be smart, be safe! Get 3 free quotes from our members to know what to expect.